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Friday 30 January 2015

52 Weeks: Week 4

Week 4: Cookie

This week has been a quiet one for our family. All three girls have been sick with a nasty bug so we've been pretty much housebound all week. No swim classes, no playgrounds, days off school... I'm sure the girls don't mind that last one!

With three snotty noses, three pairs of bleary, red eyes and three tired little bodies I didn't think I'd have any photos to share this week. But then the girls decided to build a Duplo fort for Ava's pet gecko Cookie and I knew I had to share it.

Cookie was Ava's birthday present last year. With her birthday coming up next week that means Cookie has been living with us for pretty much a whole year now. He has definitely grown a lot in that time. You can see how little he was when we first got him here.

Cookie doesn't come out of his vivarium to play quite as much as Ava would like. She's still a little nervous holding him and Lola is downright terrified! She jumps up and screams every time he comes near her. Mathilde on the other hand is desperate to grab Cookie which is another reason to keep Cookie safely inside his vivarium.

Cookie is a pretty determined little guy and easily climbed out of his fort. He didn't seem to like it very much so Ava and Lola took him to the couch for cuddles - or as close to cuddles as you can get with a gecko. Mathilde took this as her opportunity to destroy the Duplo fort, once piece at a time!

Once Mathilde realised that Cookie was up on the couch with Ava and Lola she was determined to get him. I think the photo below sums up perfectly why Cookie doesn't come out to play often.Cookie tries to escape from Ava while Lola tries to hold back Mathilde. It gets pretty chaotic!

On the weekend, before the girls were feeling too sick, we made our weekly visit to East Bay Vivarium to buy crickets for Cookie's dinner. While I purchased the crickets the girls took a look at the animals in the store. They always like to look at the snakes. So, so many snakes.

Mmm... a delicious bag of crickets for Cookie!

Here's hoping everyone will be feeling much better next week.


  1. EWWW, crickets. Gross. But I guess he's gotta eat. :/ Lol. I think I've known a couple of people with a gecko as a pet but I've only seen them in the wild in Hawaii.

    jessica / www.teamwiking.com

    1. I was pretty grossed out by the crickets at first but I've gotten used to them - which is good as they escape every now and them so I'm always finding them hopping around the apartment!


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