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Thursday 15 January 2015

A picnic with Yuba Flip Flop

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Yuba Bicycles. All opinions are my own.

If you follow Little Hiccups on Facebook or Instagram you've probably already seen Lola's new wheels. For the last few weeks Lola has been zooming around Berkeley on a bright pink Yuba Flip Flop balance bike. It goes everywhere with us: preschool, karate, swim class, the playground, the supermarket... If Lola's there, there's a good chance her Flip Flop is too. And now it's here on Little Hiccups!

I'm so excited to share Lola's new bike with you. When I first heard that Yuba Bicycles were releasing a balance bike I knew we had to get one for Lola. Our Yuba Mundo cargo bike has been such a great ride and I knew that Yuba's offering for the littlest members of the family would be just as high quality and as thoughtfully designed. And I was right!

The Flip Flop is such a great little bike. It's a much smoother and more comfortable ride than other balance bikes we've tried in the past. The steering isn't restricted like a wooden balance bike so Lola can make sharper turns as she zooms along. It's sturdy and well made so we know that it will last for years. You're sure to be seeing Mathilde riding it on Little Hiccups in the years to come. And if you ask Lola, the best thing about her new bike is the color: raspberry pink! It does also come in lime green and aqua blue for those not quite as enamored with pink as Miss Lola.

My favorite thing about the Flip Flop? It flips! The Flip Flop was designed with a large age range in mind (1.5 - 6 years). To accommodate children's growth the center part of the frame can be flipped over to make the seat and handle bars higher or lower. Lola currently has her bike set to the higher setting. The seat and handle bars are also adjustable so there is still a lot of room to grow as Lola gets older. By the time Lola is ready to move on to a larger bike Mathilde will be ready to start riding the Flip Flop and we can flip the frame to the lower setting. In my experience many balance bikes are too tall for smaller toddlers. With the flexibility that the Flip Flop's design offers this is not a problem. 

My other favorite thing about the Flip Flop? Just like the rest of Yuba's range it's a cargo bike. That means it's got a handy little storage rack on the back, perfect for toting toys, plush friends, school bags, lunch boxes...

Earlier this week Lola and one of her plush toys had a little picnic. Lola rode to their picnic spot on her new bike. The cargo tray on the back of the Flip Flop was the perfect spot for carrying her lunch box and a cuddly friend. Lola's lunch box features straps which clip on to the front of her backpack but also happen to be just the right size to attach to the back of her Flip Flop. Perfect for picnicking! I strapped her friend on top of the lunch box and they were all set to go.  

Lola rode around and around our courtyard looking for the perfect spot to set up lunch.

She chose a nice shady spot, parked her bike and set up her picnic. A sandwich, banana and cheese stick for Lola and a wooden hot dog, wooden juice and wooden yogurt for her cuddly friend!

Half way through lunch Lola received a call on her banana phone! Apparently it was from Anna and Elsa who wanted to come join her. Someone is a little obsessed with Frozen!

With the picnic all done Lola packed up her lunch box. I strapped her doll back on the bike and they were off again.

Picnics with cuddly friends are fun. They're even better when you can carry everything you need on your very own cargo bike!

For more information about the Yuba Flip Flop and details on where to purchase one please visit http://yubabikes.com/flipflop/ 


  1. This bike looks awesome! I have a two-year-old who would love one!

  2. BB doesn't know how this would work... but I do know my grandaughter La Princesa would ♥ it! Thanks for the intro; BB2U.

  3. BB doesn't know how this would work... but I do know my grandaughter La Princesa would ♥ it! Thanks for the intro; BB2U.

  4. We're in the market for a balance bike for our 2 year old, so it's great to know about this one:)

    1. We've been really happy with the Flip Flop and couldn't recommend it enough. Before this both Lola and Ava had wooden Skuut bikes but we always had problems with them: poor quality construction, tires that strip, screws that worked their way out resulting in the bike collapsing while a two year old is riding it... Definitely none of these problems with the Flip Flop!

  5. A picnic bike is intended to prevent this fear in children because they can balance on two wheels but still put their feet down at any time if they feel like they might fall.

  6. this little girl is so cute,where is she going in balance bike along with her little doll.

  7. Nowadays children grow very fast, so learning to ride a balance bike important for kids before begin with pedals. My niece has a Mini Glider balance bike, and her loves to ride it out every day.


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