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Thursday 7 May 2015

52 Weeks: Week 18

Week 18: Family Fun Night

Last Friday night Lola's preschool held a Family Fun Night fundraiser. Lola was super excited about it and counted down the days all week. And there was good reason for her to be excited. With craft activities, yummy food, a make your own dessert stand, and a petting zoo there was plenty of fun to be excited about.

First up Ava and Lola made "beautiful" headbands complete with long ribbons and tulle bows. They wore these all night and looked rather '80s!

While Ava and Lola were being crafty Mathilde played in the sandbox with a toy tractor.

After dinner we moved onto the highlight of the night: the petting zoo. The piglets were Ava's favorite. She's quite into pigs at the moment so she was really happy there were a few little ones there for her to pat. Lola liked the rabbits although she kept her distance from everything, preferring to admire them from afar. Mathilde liked everything but was especially fascinated with the ducks and chickens. My favorite was the little goat that kept head butting everything else! Hey, that piglet's getting too much attention, let me headbutt it out of the way and get all of the pats instead!

Then it was onto more crafts and making dessert. Ava and Lola made "worms in mud": gummy worms in chocolate pudding with crushed Oreo cookies on top. Mathilde fed herself a cup of the chocolate pudding and although she actually did a pretty good job, she ended up with quite the chocolate mustache - and hands!

Ava and Lola made bird feeders to hang up in a tree. We'll have to find a tree nearby to hang them in.

Before the night ended we went back to the petting zoo for a few last cuddles with the animals. The goat escaped a couple of times while we were in there as did a chicken! Luckily they were caught and brought back each time.

We had a fun time at the Family Fun Night. The petting zoo especially proved to be a big hit. Take a guess at what Ava wants at her next birthday party now? That's right, a petting zoo. You just might be seeing more piglets, rabbits, chickens and goats here in the future.

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