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Thursday 21 May 2015

52 Weeks: Week 20

Week 20: Bike to Work (School) Day

The last week was one filled with lots of physical activities for the kids, especially Ava. On top of their usual karate, swim and dance classes, and riding and scooting to school, we also had a runathon at Ava's school, the Berkeley Kids' Triathlon (which Ava won!) and Bike to Work (School) Day. What a busy week!

Last Thursday was Bike to Work (School) Day and Ava was super excited to ride her bike to school. She usually rides her scooter as it's easier in the mornings. She'd love to ride her bike every day but we're always in a hurry and collecting her bike from the garage plus locking it up again at school adds too much time. So riding her bike to school for this special day made it more of a treat.

Lola always rides her balance bike. It seriously is the best thing ever. When Ava was Lola's age she'd hitch a ride on the skateboard attached to the back of Lola's stroller which meant I had to push two kids. Lola has been riding her balance bike to school (and pretty much everywhere else) for just over a year and it makes things so much easier for me. Plus it's fun for her.

We started our day by riding to Ava's school which is about six blocks away from our building. Both Ava and Lola rode on the sidewalk for the first few streets but once we reach a nearby "Bicycle Boulevard" (a street designated as safe for cyclists) Ava moved into the bike lane. Seeing as Lola rides a balance bike she stayed on the sidewalk the whole time.

At the corner of Ava's school an official Bike to Work Day station was set up with volunteers handing out goodie bags filled with stickers, water bottles, bike lights, maps and snacks. Ava and Lola were each given a goodie bag and then we headed into the school yard.

After dropping Ava off, we headed on to Lola's preschool. But first we had to pose for a few photos at Ava's school. Lola is pretty excited that she'll be going there too in the Fall!

Mathilde may not have biked to school - although given the chance she would've happily walked much of the way - but she did ride in something with wheels, so that counts, right? Either way, she had to be in a photo too.

When we arrived at preschool Lola was proud to show off her "I biked today" sticker to all of her friends. Of course, she bikes to preschool every day, but she doesn't get a sticker for it every day!

   Maybe next Bike to Work (School) Day we'll be back on a cargo bike. Fingers crossed!

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  1. That means as long as your child is able to stand they will likely be able to use a balance bike of some type and they will probably enjoy it as well. After all, it gives them the freedom of a regular bike but without having to worry about anything.


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