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Wednesday 17 June 2015

52 Week Project: Week 24

Week 24: City Street Art

Over the weekend we headed into the city to catch up with friends who were visiting from Australia.

My favourite place in the city to take visitors (who aren't too fussed about doing super touristy stuff) is the Mission District. We always spend some time hanging out in Dolores park, where the views and people watching are amazing (giant slip and slide with oil, anyone?) and the kids can play at the playground while we catch up. 

Then we usually move onto finding something to eat, which is never hard as the Mission District is full of fantastic eateries.

And then finally we check out the streets, because that's where all of the colour is. And by colour, I mean murals. The Mission District is full of them! We usually head to either Balmy Alley or Clarion Alley where the walls (and sometimes the ground) are completely covered. On this occasion we went to Balmy Alley. The murals are always evolving, so even if we've been there relatively recently, there's almost always something new to see. The girls posed with their new favourite murals for plenty of fun photos.

This Mission District is also a great place to do a little shopping. While I checked out a little boutique with our friends Ava and Lola practiced their climbing skills and perched themselves on top of an electrical box on the sidewalk. Oh yeah, and they practiced their funny faces too!

Later in the day Kim took Ava and Lola home while Mathilde and I ran a few errands near Union Square. We hadn't been to Union Square for a while so I was keen to find out if there were any new hearts on display. Guess what? There are new hearts! Two new hearts. I've learnt in the past that sometimes the hearts don't stay for long so I snapped a few shots of Mathilde with them while we were there. Not that she would stay still though! She kept climbing down off the plinths that the hearts stand on to run towards me! Ava and Lola are keen to go check out the new hearts so we'll have to head back there soon.

Next week's 52 Week update will be coming from a completely different location! Any guesses where?

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