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Monday 15 June 2015

Teacher Gifts

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This year Ava decided that she wanted to make a clay plant pot as a thank you gift for her school teacher. I loved the idea of her making something herself from scratch, but unfortunately we didn't have enough time. Plus it would've proven too tricky for Lola who was keen to do the same.

So instead I suggested that the girls paint ready made pots instead. They both loved this idea and couldn't wait to get started. So we headed to our local gardening store and purchased a selection of terracotta pots and cute little succulents to plant in them.

Lola had six pots to decorate: one each for her four regular teachers, one for her music teacher and one for the school secretary. That's a lot of painting for one kid so we bought small pots for her to decorate. Ava just made one for her regular teacher at school so she decided to go for something a little larger.

I gave the girls an assortment of acrylic paints to work with. Lola decided to paint rainbows and polka dots on her pots. Ava also went for rainbow colours but with varied patterns all over the pot and stripes around the top.

When the paint was dry I sprayed each pot thoroughly with Crystal Clear Acrylic Coating. This will prevent the paint from running when the plants are watered.

I had planned to make little "Thanks" signs for Lola's pots but ran into printer problems (which also happened with Ava's preschool teacher gifts three years ago!) so instead Lola wrote out gift tags and I tied them on with twine.

I had a few extra days to help Ava finish her gift so once I got the printer working I made a glittery "Thanks" sign with my Cricut machine and attached it to two clear plastic rods to give it the appearance of floating above the plant. Ava also made her teacher a card.

Lola handed her teacher gifts out after her graduation party last Wednesday and Ava gave hers to her teacher on her last day of school last Friday. 

Big thanks to all of the hardworking teachers and school staff out there. Enjoy the Summer break!

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