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Friday 3 July 2015

52 Weeks: Week 26

Week 26: Cousins

One of the best things about being back home in Australia is that the kids have been able to spend time with their cousins. I grew up with most of my cousins living in the same country town as me so it feels a little surreal that my own kids don't get to see their cousins regularly. Of course, with us living in California and all of our family here in Australia cousin reunions don't happen much. In fact, in the whole time we've been away from Australia Ava and Lola have seen their cousins Grace and Davis once when they came to visit, but haven't seen any of their other cousins. They even have a new cousin who they didn't meet until this week, and of course, Mathilde hadn't met any of her cousins at all until we arrived in Australia.


Over the last week the girls have had the chance to see (and meet for the first time) all of their cousins. We spent a few days in Brisbane with Kim's sister and her family who we last saw when they visited us in California in 2013. The girls loved playing with Grace and Davis as well as their dog Tess. Ava and Davis bonded over Minecraft, and the kids all enjoyed playing at the park and they had fun with the hands on exhibits at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA).

On Monday evening we flew south to our home city of Adelaide. We arrived around 9:30pm and were greeted by friends and family who came to the airport to see us. The girls' oldest cousin Ashleigh was among those there to see us, and Ava and Lola were excited to see her after almost four years. Unfortunately as our arrival was so late the girls were all tired (and a little grumpy at being woken after sleeping on the plane) so I didn't take any photos in the airport.

Right now we're staying with my parents. My brother's family came over for dinner with us on Tuesday night and the girls got to see more of their cousins - including a new cousin who was born after we moved to California. The girls loved playing with their cousins Malachi, Lily and Charlie. They all got a little silly after Mama (my Mum) gave them all one too many sugary treats!

Today we're having a big party with friends and family for Fourth of July so there will be lots more fun with cousins - and friends that the girls haven't seen for almost four years.

Lots of fun and lots of photos coming soon!

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