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Friday 17 July 2015

52 Weeks: Week 28

Week 28: Back to Summer

After three weeks spent with friends and family back home in Australia we're back... home. Back in the place that has become home and is now home. The Bay Area.

And of course, travelling half way across the world also means that we're back in Summer. Our Summers here in the Bay Area aren't particular hot (in fact, Fall is actually our warmest season) but after Winter in South Australia it practically feels like we're in the tropics!

We've all been suffering from jet lag, especially early in the week, but I've been making a conscious effort to get out and about and be active, despite my brain's desire to stay in bed. The girls love being out and about, and there's nowhere they enjoy being more than a playground. Earlier this week we hit up one of our favourite playgrounds here in Berkeley at Live Oak Park.

Here's a look at our fun afternoon in the playground...

After three weeks of walking everywhere Ava and Lola are pretty happy to have their wheels back. Ava rides her scooter everywhere and Lola rides her balance bike. Poor Mathilde is desperate to have something to ride or push around too. Every time we've left the apartment this week I've found her ready at the front door with a toy stroller or her walker wagon. It would take forever to get anywhere if I let her take something to push so instead she has to go in her stroller (boring!) and then when we get to the playground she has a little ride on her sisters' wheels. She actually has surprisingly good balance and never falls off - although I'm always holding her just in case. 

Ava and Lola still have over six weeks of Summer vacation left so I'm sure we'll be spending a lot more time at the playground!

The girls t-shirts (and Mathilde's onesie) are from one of my favourite local brands, Oaklandish. You can find them here.

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