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Sunday 2 August 2015

52 Weeks: Week 30

Week 30: Frozen Yogurt, Squirrels and Pink Hair

It's been pretty hot here over the last week. Well, hot by Bay Area standards. The weather here is generally so mild that when it reaches 24C/75F it feels positively sweltering!

When the weather is hot like it has been we like to cool off with a frozen treat. Frozen yogurt, gelato, ice cream... We like to mix it up and visit different places. Right now the girls' favorite place for a frozen treat is Menchie's Frozen Yogurt. Menchie's was on our way home from the Botanical Gardens earlier in the week so we dropped by for a treat. Poor Mathilde was exhausted from running around under sprinklers in the Botanical Gardens and slept through our time at Menchie's, but the big girls and I enjoyed our delicious yogurt.

One of the reasons that the girls love Menchie's so much is there huge range of toppings and sauces. The yogurt flavors are pretty yummy too.

We first discovered Menchie's when Ava's class at school took a field trip there back in May as part of a "Reading is Fun" campaign. For the campaign, the kids were given the task of reading a certain number of books over the course of a few weeks. Once they reached their goal they could hand their list in at Menchie's in exchange for a free frozen yogurt. Ava's class all reached their goal and off they went to claim their yogurt. While we sat at our table eating our yogurt on this week's visit I spotted a photo of Ava's class up on the notice board. Ava was pretty excited to see it there!

Once they'd finished their yogurt, Ava and Lola drew pictures on the store's chalk board. Lola drew a portrait of herself, complete with pink hair!

On our way home from Menchie's we walked through the university campus. Along the way we found a few friendly squirrels. The squirrels were pretty keen to find out if we had any food for them so they came right up to us to investigate. No food this time squirrels.

We also stopped to play among the trees for a little while. Mathilde woke up at this point so she joined her sisters pretending to fish with sticks.

In the eucalyptus grove we came across a little hut that someone had fashioned out of sticks and bark. It only fit one person at a time so the girls took it in turns pretending it was their house.

What a cute little house and a perfect spot to escape the heat under the shade of the trees.

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