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Sunday 23 August 2015

Seattle 2014: Pike Place Markets

This time last year we were on vacation in Seattle and Portland. A whole year has passed and I still haven't really written about our trip. I think that's got to be some sort of record on my behalf there!

Ok, so I did actually share a highlight post after our trip and one about the Gum Wall while we were in Seattle, but I have so many more photos I want to share with you guys so I think it's time to get back to it.   A year is long enough, I think!

One place that we visited regularly in Seattle was Pike Place Markets. Our hotel was located close by so the markets were a convenient place to stop by for breakfast, lunch and coffee. Ok, maybe the coffee part wasn't always so convenient given the long queues at the original Starbucks! We couldn't visit Seattle and not go to the original Starbucks even if it did mean standing in a queue for half an hour for our morning latte. Of course, the original Starbucks isn't the only place to get coffee at the markets if you need that caffeine hit without a wait.

The girls enjoyed seeing the hustle and bustle of market life. Watching the fishmongers at the famous Pike Place Fish Co. throw fish to each other was a highlight - although not so easy to catch on camera with the huge crowds.

As you can see below, it was pretty crowded in the market buildings. The girls were keen to get back outside where there was more space. Being in crowded places when you're little (and below most people's line of sight) can be pretty daunting. The neon lighting throughout the markets was a good distraction for the kids. Rather than focusing on the crowds they looked out for colorful signs, of which there were plenty to find. Mathilde was only four months old at the time and quite taken by the colorful signage. On a side note, I was carrying Mathilde in her wrap and seeing as I take all of the photos she doesn't appear in many of them from this part of our trip. 

The colors of the markets were a great distraction from the crowds too. I love the color of these chili and garlic garlands below.

Speaking of color, the most colorful part of the markets is the Gum Wall located in Post Place below the main market building. It's simultaneously the most colorful and most disgusting thing I've ever seen! Lola thought it was absolutely fantastic and couldn't wait to add her own pieces of Hubba Bubba to it. Ava had originally been keen to add to it as well - until she actually saw it, that is! Once she saw the Gum Wall Ava was grossed out and couldn't get away fast enough. I hate gum but I loved the colors. I guess the trick is to not think about what it actually is and just appreciate the wall of color - which of course, may be easier said than done! You can see lots more photos of the Gum Wall on my earlier post here.

Throughout Pike Place Market there are quite a few references to pigs. The girls enjoyed spotting the various pig themed art throughout the markets. They followed pig trotter prints, spotted pigs on signs and we're pretty excited when they found a pig sculpture that they could hug.

Speaking of signs, I couldn't help but laugh at the restroom signage in the markets. I love the sense of urgency! Quick... run to the restroom with that poopy baby!

Pike Place Market is a fun place to visit with kids. It can get pretty crowded, especially in Summer when we visited, but there is plenty to keep kids occupied. There is lots of yummy, kid friendly food, plenty of fun things for kids to look at, and restrooms are easy to come by - just look for the hilarious signs!

 I'll have lots more Seattle posts coming up so stay tuned...

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