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Friday 14 August 2015

52 Weeks: Week 32

Week 32: City Playgrounds

Last weekend we headed into the city to catch up with friends and hit up a couple of playgrounds.

Our first destination was Koret Children's Quarter in Golden Gate Park. A firm favorite with the kids, we try to make it to this playground as often as possible. There are so many fun things to play on for all age groups, plus the concrete slides and nearby carousel make it a pretty special place.

Later in the afternoon we stopped by Duboce Park to check out the playground there. Whenever we pass by on Muni the kids ask if we can stop there on the way back for a play. I can't count how many times I've promised that we'll stop only to find ourselves running out of time. The kids have been asking to go there for more than three years! Well, we finally managed to stop there on our way home from Golden Gate Park last weekend and the kids LOVED it! While the playground itself isn't huge, and a lot of the play equipment is a little young, the park itself is a beautiful spot. The kids loved rolling down the small hill, riding their scooters on the path and checking out the dogs in the adjacent dog park. And as a bonus for Mathilde, there was a digger parked nearby (her absolute favorite!) and Muni trams going past every ten minutes or so. A playground for playing, a hill for rolling, paths for scooting, dogs to pat, trams to watch and a digger to check out. I think Duboce Park ticks all of the kids "must have" boxes. It doesn't hurt that it's located in a pretty neighborhood full of colorful Victorians either!

 Got to love lazy days spent in city parks!

P.S. Look at that... I made it into two photos in one post!

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