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Saturday 2 January 2016

Elf on the Shelf 2015: Week 4

Christmas is well and truly behind us, but now that we're home from almost two weeks away I'm playing catch up on the blog. Today I'm sharing the last installment of Eflie Pokie Nokie's time in our home. Or more accurately, Elfie Pokie Nokie's time on the road with us in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Day 22
That sneaky Elfie Pokie Nokie decided to help himself to a few drinks and snacks from the mini bar in our hotel room. Thanks Elfie - that just cost us $33 in rum, gin, Jack Daniels and vodka! Oh, and the Skittles too, however much they cost. Time to keep the mini bar locked.

Day 23
Elfie was a little better behaved after the trouble he got himself into the night before. To make up for it, he brought the girls a Christmas book as a present. Someone looks a little sheepish, don't you think?

Day 24
Another day, another gift from Elfie Pokie Nokie. Well, this time they were gifts from me but Elfie seems to have decided to make it look like they're from him by sitting himself on top! Each Christmas Eve we give the girls a new pair of Christmas pajamas to wear to bed that night. This year they got coordinating red, white and green stripes from Hanna Andersson.

Day 25
Another day, even more gifts! Ok, so it was Christmas after all. Elfie Pokie Nokie made himself at home snuggled up inside of Mathilde's Christmas stocking atop the pile of Christmas presents for the girls. We didn't have a Christmas tree at the Airbnb house we stayed at in San Diego over Christmas so I guess Elfie was our little bit of festive decoration! What's that he has in his hands? Why, it's one of the Oreos that we left out for Santa. Looks like Eflie was a little sneaky one last time this year!

Normally Elfie Pokie Nokie would fly back to the North Pole on Christmas night, however as we were away this year he decided to stick around until we made it back home (which was yesterday). He didn't fly back to the North Pole at all during this time as he didn't need to report to Santa. Instead he spent his days and nights with Mathilde who has grown quite fond of him and calls him "Hat", "Naughty" and "Man". Most nights he slept cuddled up with Mathilde. I was a little sad that he had to go back to the North Pole once we arrived home as Mathilde loves to carry him around. I guess she'll be super excited to see him again next December.

Thanks for spending December with us Elfie Pokie Nokie. See you in eleven months!

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