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Wednesday 20 January 2016

Valentine's Day Style for Little Ones

I have to admit that I'm a bit of a sucker for themed clothing for the kids when it comes to events and holidays. I don't tend to go overboard and do try to keep it subtle enough to wear at other times of the year, but the theme is always there. A bat or ghost t-shirt for Halloween, a snowflake sweater for Christmas, a tractor t-shirt for a harvest festival, a lion bib for Chinese New Year.... This year we'll have love heart t-shirts for Valentine's Day thanks to Dallas Clayton's collaboration with kids' clothing label Rags to Raches.

Admittedly, I originally bought the t-shirts because I saw the matching toddler romper on Instagram and just knew that Mathilde needed it. It is just so freaking adorable and we're all big fans of Dallas Clayton here. Then I saw the matching kids' t-shirts and I knew that Ava and Lola needed one too. Then I saw the matching adult t-shirts and thought, what the hell, I need one too! I did stop short at buying one for Kim though. I do have my limits when it comes to matchy-matchy. Ha!

Anyway, when the t-shirts and romper arrived I was just going to put them on the girls straight away, but then I realized that with their motif of love they'd be perfect gifts for Valentine's Day.

That got me thinking about some of my other favorite kids' clothing that would be perfect for Valentine's Day and I just had to share them here with you.

Swedish label, Happy Socks make... well, happy socks! Our whole family wears these bright, colorful  my favorite socks for the whole family. The designs are always fun and the quality is high. Many of the designs are available in kid's, women's and men's sizing so the whole family can wear the same designs. These kid's heart socks make a cute Valentine's Day gift.

Ok, more matchy-matchy here! Whistle & Flute make the cutest t-shirts and sweaters and this design is perfect for Valentine's Day without being all about love hearts. Not sure I'd wear a sweater with "I love you" written on it, but in French it has a certain je ne sais quois! Ah, I'm so corny! Mathilde and I just received these sweaters and I can't wait to be twins! 

3. Mini Boden Hotchpotch T-Shirt 
I'm a big fan of Mini Boden for a splash of color in the girls' wardrobes The Hotchpotch t-shirts with contrasting sleeves are always my favorite and this particular red and pink design is just begging to be worn for Valentine's Day.

Like I said earlier, we're all big fans of author and illustrator Dallas Clayton in our house. The hands reaching up design is one of his most instantly recognizable designs. You might remember the matching mural that Lola and I posed with in Los Angeles. The purple heart is a nice change from red and pink. 

All over hearts for the littlest ones! These cute overalls from Swedish label Kram are available in a few different colors but red and white feels just right for Valentine's Day. There are also dresses, tops and diaper covers available in this fabric. Lola has the matching dress in brown and white.

More cuteness from Whistle & Flute! I love the simplicity of this heart design. How can you resist that cute little smile?

I love the retro styling of this AlbaBaby dress. Mathilde has the matching overalls in bright orange and she looks so incredibly adorable when she wears them. She also looks straight out of the seventies! That big heart on the pocket is adorable any time of year but especially so for Valentine's Day.  

Valentine's Day falls at a pretty chilly time of year here in the Northern Hemisphere so protect that head with a cute, lovey dovey beanie. Just like the matching sweater, this style comes in both kid and adult sizes.

Temporary tattoos are always a big hit with kids and Tattly make THE best. This heart design is super cute and would make a great Valentine's gift to hand out to classmates. We've done this in the past with Tattly tattoos.

The romper that inspired this post! Seriously, how cute is this romper? I can't wait for Mathilde to wear it.

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