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Monday 20 June 2016

Father's Day 2016

Yesterday was Father's Day here in America, and the first of two Father's Days that we celebrate each year. Lucky Kim gets to celebrate American Father's Day in June and Australian Father's Day in September.

For Kim's present, the girls and I made a Chatbooks photo book featuring designs by our favorite illustrator, Dallas Clayton. We're all big fans of Dallas Clayton's simple yet meaningful style, so as soon as I saw that Chatbooks was teaming up with him I jumped online to order a book. Of course, our photo book needed a matching card, so the girls dressed in their matching Dallas Clayton t-shirts and romper from Rags to Raches, grabbed a few balloon props, and we had a little photo shoot.

As you can probably tell, there was a little photoshop happening here! And not the best photoshopp work either! There's a reason I dropped out of studying graphic design at university all those years ago - Ha! Anyway, the girls aren't really levitating in front of a Dallas Clayton mural. They were actually standing in front of a blank wall near our building and I added this colorful background from a photo taken during our stay in Los Angeles over Christmas.

Ok, back to Father's Day...

After everyone went to bed on Saturday night I took the balloons that we used for the card and hung them above our bed.

In the morning Ava and I made biscuits (an American food I'm loving), bacon and eggs, and coffee for a breakfast in bed. The girls then grabbed their cards and gifts and hopped into bed with Daddy.

Along with the photo book and card, the girls gave Kim handmade cards and a pair of BART themed socks from Oaklandish. A fun pair of socks is always part of our Father's Day gifts. (Check out this pair on Instagram that I almost bought!)

Did you notice Mathilde's card in that photo above of the gifts? She drew people! Granted, she needed a little direction from me ("draw a circle here, draw arms there..."), but she did draw it all on her own and they actually look like people.

We spent much of Father's Day relaxing at home before heading out to the park for a little sun and playground fun.

I hope all of the dads out there had a wonderful day yesterday. And to my Dad friends in Australia, your day will be here before we know it!

Want to try out Chatbooks? Visit chatbooks.com and use the code 3LYKCM3H to get your first book free when you start a series. Perfect for printing your Instagram feed.

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