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Saturday 4 June 2016

May on Instagram

Can you believe that it's already June? Where did May go? It was such a busy month for us with birthdays, parties, sporting events, major events like Maker Faire and a Cure concert, plus lots of trips to the park.

This past month on Instagram there have been lots of photos of Mathilde on her balance bike because she rides it absolutely everywhere now. She's so fast on it - I often have to run to keep up! She's so desperate to be a big kids like Ava and Lola.

I love seeing all of my girls growing up, learning new things (like super high karate kicks) and experiencing new things (like getting their hair dyed purple), but oh how I wish they would slow down a little. They're all growing up too fast.

Make sure to follow Little Hiccups on Instagram to keep up to date with what these crazy kids are up to - because you know I'm always a little behind here on the blog! Me, late? Never!

A photo posted by Sally Mason (@littlehiccups) on

A photo posted by Sally Mason (@littlehiccups) on

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