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Sunday 23 July 2017

Smile Worthy Back to School Moments with Goldfish

Can you believe it? We're about half way through the long Summer break now. How did that happen?

While the kids are blissfully unaware that their laid back Summer adventures will be done in just over a month, I, like many parents, am thinking about back to school. There's so much to prepare before the kids go back to school, but for me the most important thing is making sure that it's a smile worthy time for the kids. 

After such a long break from the structure of the school year, I find it important to ease the kids back into their schedules. So rather than having the Summer fun come to an abrupt halt once school starts back up again, I'm thinking ahead and planning small after school adventures to take together. Hikes in local parks, swims at the lake, visiting fun playgrounds... We're lucky here in the Bay Area that there are so many great places to visit. The weather here in early Fall is usually our warmest which is perfect for afternoon adventures.

This week Lola and I took a little adventure to Tilden Park here in Berkeley. Just like she will when school goes back she packed her backpack with her essentials: a water bottle, a light jacket and plenty of snacks. We hiked through a wooded area past a herd of goats (brought in to eat the undergrowth that poses a fire risk) and down to the shady lake front where we stopped to check out the ducks before finding a comfy spot to sit down and enjoy a few snacks.

As I mentioned earlier, Lola had helped pack her bag for our little hike. She chose her own snacks and included a few pieces of fruit plus a lunch pack of Goldfish® crackers. I think you can probably guess which snack she opted to eat first! That's right, the Goldfish® crackers!

Goldfish® crackers are a huge hit with my kids and are one of our go to snacks both at home and when we're out and about. For home I tend to buy Goldfish® in the signature bag, but for snacks on the go the lunch packs are super convenient and just the right size. They lunch packs come in a multi pack of nine which is perfect for our family of three kids.

Lola gobbled up her tasty snacks and we were on our way again, taking in the beautiful nature around us and soaking up those Summer break vibes.

We're looking forward to many more smile worthy moments like this over the rest of the Summer break and during back to school.

How do you create smile worthy moments with your kids during back to school? I'd love to hear. For more fun suggestions check out the Goldfish webpage here.

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