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Wednesday 27 September 2017

A visit from the Tooth Fairy

Lola lost her first tooth yesterday at school!

Well, I say it was her first tooth, but really she had one pulled out by the dentist when she was 5 due to a cavity (eek!), but this was her first tooth that fell out on its own, and therefore much more exciting.

She was so excited that it fell out when she was at school. That little tooth had been hanging on by the slightest of threads for weeks. It could be wiggled sideways, backwards and forwards, and even up and down, but no matter how much Lola wiggled it, it stayed put. Finally, when she wasn't focusing on it so much, Lola tapped her tooth ever so slightly during math yesterday and it fell out onto her desk. Losing a tooth is always exciting, but losing it at school where you instantly become the center of attention is even better! A classmate walked Lola to the front office where the school secretary gave her a special necklace with a tooth shaped pendant to store her little tooth in. She was so proud of her tooth necklace and she loved that every knew she had just lost a tooth at school because she was wearing it.

After school we headed off to karate class (for which Lola changed into a different pink strawberry top!) and Lola was super excited to show off her new gap to all of her karate friends.

Back at home in the evening we prepared for the Tooth Fairy's visit. We placed Lola's little tooth in a little envelope attached to her special Tooth Fairy certificate. You can see that the certificate is already filled out from the tooth that Lola had pulled by the dentist, but we keep on using the same certificate for each tooth that falls out. Lola also wrote a letter to go along with it. Her letter reads: "To Tooth Fairy, I tapped it and it fell out. My tooth fell out at school. Love Lola".

We placed the certificate in its special bag along with the letter and placed them under Lola's pillow.

In the morning Lola was excited to see that the Tooth Fairy did indeed visit over night and she left five dollars in shiny dollar coins as well as five seed money coins that we can plant to grow flowers. Also, look at that bed hair!

How old were your kids when they lost their first tooth? Ava was seven years and two months when she lost her first tooth, and Lola is just few weeks away from her seventh birthday.

Do you have any fun Tooth Fairy traditions in your family? I've heard of the Tooth Fairy leaving a glittery trail (much like our Santa footprints) and glittery money, but I've kept it fairly simple - mostly because Ava lost her first tooth just over a week before Mathilde was born and there was only so much my giant belly and I could do!

You can find the Tooth Fairy certificates I used for my kids here and seed money here.

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