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Wednesday 6 September 2017

Mathilde's First Day of Preschool

Last week I shared Ava and Lola's first day of school for the year. Yesterday we celebrated another back to school milestone with Mathilde's first ever day of preschool.

As of this week Mathilde is a big preschool girl and is attending the same preschool that Ava and Lola also went to when they were younger. She's only going two days a week for now, but if yesterday is anything to go by we just might have to increase it to three or more days because she absolutely loved it!

Mathilde was so excited to have her own backpack packed with her lunch and water bottle to take to preschool with her. She started off walking with Ava and Lola but because we were in a hurry to get to two school drop offs she ended up riding in the stroller most of the way. She did jump out and walked the last little bit too. Big girls don't turn up to preschool in a stroller don't you know! I'm sure that before long she'll be riding her balance bike there and back just like Lola did.

When we got to preschool I had Mathilde stand out the front for a few photos of her big day. She was keen to get inside and see her classroom though and kept telling me to hurry up!

When we got into Mathilde's classroom she put her lunch in her cubby, hung up her backpack and washed her hands. I half expected tears as I walked her over to meet her teacher but she happily sat down with her teacher and started playing with wooden food. A quick hug and a kiss goodbye and she was fine for me to leave. Lola had been the complete opposite when she was first at preschool so it was a nice change to be able to walk out of the classroom without hearing screaming!

A few hours later it was time to pick Mathilde up. I met her on the yard happily playing with some of her friends (who unfortunately are in the next class up). She gave her teacher a big hug goodbye and told me she couldn't wait to come back to preschool again. She had such a fun day playing with her new classmates, drawing pictures, and climbing on the play structure. Apparently eating lunch was her favorite part of the day!

A successful first day! I can't believe my little girls is so grown up already. It feels like just yesterday she was a teeny, tiny baby. Now she's a teeny, tiny preschooler!

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