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Tuesday 30 January 2018

Museum of Ice Cream... Again!

A few weekends back we visited the Museum of Ice Cream here in San Francisco. It was the second visit for Mathilde and I (you can see you first visit before it was open to the public here) but the first time going for Ava, Lola and Kim.

It was much busier this time around, as I had expected, but we were still able to take our time and see everything at our own pace - it just meant waiting a little longer for photos every now and then. With plenty of fun stuff to see and delicious treats to eat, the girls didn't mind one bit! Although there were plenty of tears from Mathilde when she didn't get to spend as long in the sprinkle pool as last time! 

Because I've already shared our original visit here on Little Hiccups, and a more detail "what to see and do" post on Mommy Nearest (which you can see here) I won't go into too much detail this time around and will just let the pictures speak for themselves. There are a lot of pictures so grab yourself a coffee, or an ice cream, and enjoy!

We dressed the part for our visit to Museum of Ice Cream with the girls in pinks and pale blues. Ava wore a pair of ice cream cone earrings (by local jewelry artist Carolyn Tillie) and Lola had her hair colored pastel pink. I even wore something colorful this time instead of my usual black or nautical stripes!

Outside the Museum of Ice Cream there were a few more treats to see. The girls loved the giant macarons in the window and Mathilde was excited to see another unicorn just like the one inside the museum.

We had so much fun at the Museum of Ice Cream and I'm so glad that Mathilde and I got to share it with the rest of the family.

Have you been to the Museum of Ice Cream? Or maybe another pop up experience like this? There have been quite a few different ones around and they're so much fun!

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