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Thursday 30 April 2020

Pikachu Marshmallows

At Mathilde's little Pokémon birthday party last weekend we made Pikachu marshmallows. They're super easy to make, taste yummy, and the kids really enjoyed making them. 

I had originally planned to make the Pikachu marshmallows in advance to serve up as a party food (as I had done for Ava's Pokémon themed 10th birthday party years ago) but then I figured that seeing as we were at home with access to a kitchen, it would be fun to make them as a party activity. And I was right! It was fun!

These little Pikachus are super simple to make and only need a few ingredients.

Here's how we made them...

What you'll need:
Pack yellow bunny Peeps
Block dark or milk chocolate
Red food marker 
Cake pop sticks (optional)
Small saucepan and bowl for melting chocolate
Baking tray lined with parchment paper

If you decide to use cake pop sticks, the first step is to insert these into the Peeps. I like using the cake pop sticks as it give you something to hold onto while dipping the marshmallows into the chocolate, which is a good idea if you have a group of kids making them. It also avoids sticky fingers while eating them!

Next up you'll need to melt the chocolate. The best way to melt chocolate is to bring a small amount of water to simmer in a pot. Place a bowl over the pot making sure that it doesn't touch the water. Break the chocolate into pieces and place it in the bowl.

Now, it's tempting to stir the chocolate, but it will melt best if you leave it alone to melt on its own. Once the chocolate pieces look shiny you can give them a stir. At this point they should be melted through and will stir together smoothly.

Carefully remove the bowl from the pot and place it on a trivet or folded tea towel.

Now you're ready to get dipping!

To create a more authentic Pikachu look, dip only the ends on the bunny ears into the chocolate. Of course, little people who love chocolate are likely to dip way more than just the ends of the ears into the chocolate! More chocolate is always better - right?

Now, I made a mistake here and just gave the girls a couple of plates to place their chocolate dipped marshmallows on. What you'll actually want to do is line a baking tray (or a platter) with parchment  paper and place the chocolate dipped marshmallows on that. If you place the chocolate dipped marshmallows onto a plate to set, half of the chocolate will stay on the plate when you remove them. Oops!

Once the marshmallows have all been dipped they look a little like Pikachu. But what really makes them look like Pikachu is rosy cheeks. Take a red food marker and draw little cheeks under the eyes on the bunny face. We used a pink marker as my red food marker had been used up.

Place the tray/platter in the fridge to set. This should only take about half an hour.

Once the chocolate has set, carefully peel the Pikachus off the parchment paper and serve on a platter.

Or just eat them! That pic above is an old one from Ava's Pokémon party. They didn't make it onto a platter this time as the kids were keen to eat them right away!

Wasn't that easy? Such a fun party activity too. If you're having a Pokémon themed party at home (or anywhere with a stove top and fridge) this is such a fun, and delicious, activity for kids.

The bunny shaped Peeps are generally only available at Easter time, but right now is a great time to stock up while stores have Easter goodies discounted.

And just for fun, here's three year old Mathilde with a Pikachu marshmallow from Ava's Pokémon party. She was smaller, but just as cheeky as ever!

Let me know if you make these Pikachu marshmallows. They really are such a fun treat!

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