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Saturday 19 December 2020

My Favorite Holiday Books for Kids

Can you believe that Christmas is less than a week away? Where has December gone?

While this holiday season may feel very different for a lot of people, there are plenty of ways we can make the holidays as festive as always. We've getting festive by checking out holiday light displays, decorating our house (inside and out), baking our favorite Christmas cookies, watching holiday movies, and reading lots of holiday books.

Reading holiday stories together is a great way to connect with family and if you've got young readers it's educational too. Shh... don't tell the kids! Grab your favorite books, some Christmas cookies and a hot chocolate, and get cozy on the couch together. You can even involve family who are far away by reading together over video chat. There are so many great holiday books out there for kids of all ages, so today I'm sharing some of our favorites with you.

Home Alone
Home Alone is the kids' all time favorite holiday movie, and one of mine too. When I found the Pop Classics Home Alone book I knew the kids would love it - and I was right! The story follows the movie pretty closely but avoid the more dangerous booby traps that Kevin sets eg. no dangerously hot door knob or burning Harry's hair off. The illustrations are vibrant and spot on with the characters in the movie.  

Home Alone 2
How could we resist the follow up to our favorite holiday movie? Just like Home Alone this Pop Classics book features all the fun, but not scary, aspects of the movie and has the same vibrant  illustration style as the first book. Plus it's set in my favorite city and I can never go past illustrations of New York!

Last Stop on the Reindeer Express
This book is an instant classic in my mind. The illustrations are gorgeous and the story is charming. There's so much to see on each page, but the illustration style doesn't make it overwhelming. The book features a flap to lift on each double spread, that offers a glimpse into the next page. This is such a lovely book to spend some time exploring all the detail. You'll find something new every time you read it.  

Another lift the flap book! Walk the World at Christmastime shares Christmas celebrations around the world. It's a great book for kids interested in learning about other cultures and how Christmas is celebrated in different places. Each page has a "Where am I?" story with clues hidden under each flap. The pages are made of a nice thick cardboard and it almost feels like opening an advent calendar when lifting the flaps - except there's no chocolate!

This book is all about the stunning photos that fill it. The story of a little girl who wishes to be one of Santa's elves is sweet, but it's the photos that will capture your imagination and draw you in. The stunning Nordic landscapes, the polar animals, the traditional Norwegian clothing... it's all beautifully captured - and maybe just a little photoshopped! My girls received this book as a gift from Norwegian friends and it makes me think of them every time we read it, which makes it extra special. 

Hands up if you're in camp "Die Hard is a Christmas movie". I'm raising my hand! Ok, this one's not really for young kids. Unlike the Home Alone books which skip the over the more dangerous booby traps, this book is pretty true to the movie - violence, language and all. The story is written as rhyming text making it a fun read and the illustrations are action packed. It's a picture book, but it's better definitely better suited to teenagers and adults. 

Over on my Amazon Storefront you can find over 100 holiday themed books that I've chosen to share with you. You can find them here. You can shop directly on my Amazon Storefront or at your favorite local bookshop. 

You'll find books for kids of all ages from board books to pictures books and novels. I've included Christmas celebrations from all around the world, as well as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. You'll find classic folk tales, movies and ballets, fun stories, inspiring stories, and even a few scary stories. I couldn't resist adding in a few Krampus books! He's a hit with my kids! There are even a few coronavirus themed Christmas books with Santa in a mask. 

What are your favorite holiday books to read with (or to) your kids? I'd love to hear!

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