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Monday 20 February 2023

Chautauqua Park Bears

Boulder's Chautauqua Park is over run with bears!

But don't worry; they're friendly bears!

Friendly, colorful bears waiting for a hug and a photo!

These fun bear statues are part of Chautauqua's annual Art in the Park event. Fifteen colorfully painted fiberglass bears can be found throughout the historic campus. They make for a fun little treasure hunt, and if you've been here a while you'll know that I'm a big fan of statue treasure hunts. In the past we've enjoyed searching for the heart statues in San Francisco, the lobster statues in Plymouth, the bison statues around Salt Lake City, and the prairie dogs right here in neighboring Superior. 

Each one of these fun bears was painted by a different artist. Let's take a look at them...
New Yorker by Rick Dallago

Gus by Julie Kitzes

Madre Osa by Cindy Loya

Hermoso Oso by Jenn Cunningham

Patches by Candie Cain

Penguins, Perennials & Pollinators by Megan LeSage

Baloo the Henna Bear by Bala Thiagarajan

Mother's Garden by Alanna Austin

Multicolored Bear Tapestry by Boaz Nash

Swirling Trout by Molly Box

Holiday Noir by Mickel-Claire Penick

There are three more bears that we didn't manage to get pictures with due to things blocking them (or the sun being too bright for Mathilde to open her eyes!) but we'll go back another day to try for pics.

After we checked out the bears we headed over to Chautauqua Playground to play. Here we found another bear statue, this time a permanent one. 

Art in the Park runs through April 16th 2023, after which the fifteen bear statues will be auctioned off. To learned more about Art in the Park visit https://www.chautauqua.com/2022/winterfest-art-in-the-park-2022/

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