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Thursday 5 May 2011

Mother's Day Photo Shoot

Mother's Day is fast approaching - only 2 more sleeps - so today the girls had a photo shoot for Mother's Day cards.

I decided to put my floristry skills to use and made floral headpieces out of chrysanthemums for the girls to wear. It's not Mother's Day without chrysanthemums! Ava's headpiece was a wired mass of pale pink and white blooms which I clipped into her nice, thick hair. Lola, however, does not have a lot of hair so a wired headpiece was a bit much for her. Instead I just poked a few stems under a soft head band. I also made a small bouquet for the girls to take turns in holding. This ended up going to Ava the majority of the time as Lola delighted in pulling out petals by the handful! And then eating them!

I had decided to take photos out in the backyard as, for once, our lawn is actually looking pretty good. Lola was happy enough outside and smiled for the camera, however Ava did not stop whinging - the grass was itchy, the sun was too bright, blah, blah, blah... So after a few attempts at getting nice photos we moved inside. Ava was happy with this but Lola was NOT! This meant that I ended up with outside photos of Lola smiling and Ava looking grumpy, and inside photos of Ava smiling and a snotty nosed Lola screaming at the top of her lungs!

We did eventually get there in the end and I've just finished turning the photos into a card for the Grandmas and Great Grandmas. Here's a sneak peak...

Mother's Day Card 2011

Pretty cards lined up in a row

By far my favourite photo from our little shoot today is this one of Lola in the backyard.

So cute!

I really wanted to use this for the card however I didn't get any nice ones of Ava outside to go with it. I couldn't possibly mix and match the inside and outside photos on the same card! I figured I couldn't really send out Mother's Day cards with just one of the girls on them either so this shot will just have to be a lovely photo on its own.

I might use it as a gift tag on the macarons that the Grandmas are getting for Mother's Day.
Mmm... macarons!

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