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Monday 2 May 2011

Stella's Little Project - The results are in...

The Stella's Little Project contest came to a close today and I'm very pleased to say that one of Ava's pictures, Alien Goo Goo made it into the top 100. It came in at number 67!
Alien Goo Goo

This means that although Ava's design won't be featured on a t-shirt she will win a t-shirt inspired by the winning drawing. We (and by that I mean mostly me!) can't wait to receive it!

The winning drawing came from a 6 year old girl from Brazil and received a whopping 3451 votes! Someone has a lot of facebook friends!

The winning entry Rainbow Mouse

Ava also entered two other drawings for the contest. Le Snail Royale came in at number 126 and Lola Pegasus came in at number 149.

Le Snail Royale

Lola Pegasus

Big thanks to everyone who voted!

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