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Sunday 15 May 2011

Colour Me In

Inspired by the Stella's Little Project contest I recently decided to print t-shirts for Ava featuring some of her  drawings.

After going through what seemed like a tonne of Ava's drawings I decided to merge a few aspects of several drawings together rather than using just one. The fairy, heart and flower in the final design below have been taken from three different drawings.

Rather than messing around with printing in full colour I decided to print simple black outlines of Ava's drawings ready for her to colour in herself with fabric crayons (Pentel Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks).

I printed the t-shirt design using my amazing Print Gocco machine. I love that thing! It turns even the finest print (1mm I believe) into a template ready for silk screening onto fabric, paper etc. If I had to make the template using traditional silk screening techniques I'd still be at it. Ok, let's be honest... I'm far too lazy for that so I never would have even started!

The design printed onto a t-shirt ready for colouring

Once the design was printed onto the t-shirt and fully dry I ironed it at a high temperature to set the fabric paint. I then gave it another wash (I also washed it before the original printing) and as soon as it was completely dry it was time for Ava to get creative and colour it in.

Ava colours in her t-shirt

Colouring complete

Once Ava had finished colouring in her fairies, hearts and flower in "rainbow" it was time to iron the design one more time to set the fabric crayons.

Then there was only one thing left for Ava to do...

... model her brand new one of a kind t-shirt!

I thought that Ava's t-shirts would make a nice gift idea for her friends so more t-shirts were printed, wrapped up with a set of fabric crayons and presented with a gift tag as pictured below. 

Ready to be given as a gift

More t-shirt designs and fabric crayon projects will be coming soon!

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  1. Sally you are amazing! Ava is so lucky to have a creative Mum like you. And Ava those drawings are great. Sara x


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