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Thursday 29 December 2011

Christmas Cards 2009

Our Christmas card photo from 2009 is one of my most favourite shots ever.

I think it speaks for itself so there's no need for me to say much about it except that I love it.

Angel Ava
This was taken in our backyard and as you can see from the beautiful sky it was a clear, sunny day, perfect for angelic photos. I love how Ava is looking down like she's flying overhead. The sun shining through the (slightly over exposed) feather wings provides a beautiful glow.

It's quite surprising that Ava looks so happy in this photo as it was taken at the end of a rather long (and frustrating) photo shoot. We started off taking photos inside next to the Christmas tree but Ava did not want to cooperate. We then moved to the front yard for photos next to our "woolly bush" which kind of looks like a native Christmas tree. That wasn't successful either. We then moved to the backyard where I made Ava stand up on a chair so I could shoot from underneath her. Success! 

Here are a few other shots from our shoot.

Angel Ava with our Christmas tree

Forcing a smile

Hanging ornaments

Hanging ornaments on the woolly bush in our front yard

Angel Ava

In 2009 there was industrial action world wide by postal workers. This resulted in gifts that we had ordered from Book Depository in the UK not arriving on time. One of Ava's grumpier photos came in very handy to use on the IOUs that we had to hand out to friends and family on Christmas day! 

Christmas IOU!

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