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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Letters to Santa

Day 4 on our advent calendar and the voucher entitled Ava and Lola to send letters to Santa at Macy's.
We posted the letters to Santa at Macy's rather than a mailbox on the street as they are donating $1 to the Make a Wish for each letter received.

Ava thought long and hard about what she wanted to write on her letter to Santa. In the end she decided to go with just Squinkies and a Zhu Zhu Pet. Anyone out there without a young daughter will have no idea what I'm talking about. Keep it that way!

Ava's letter to Santa

I asked Ava what she thought Lola might like to ask Santa for and the response (which was dictated to me for Lola's letter) was : "Some little baby toys, but a little bit big. That's because I am a one year old". Well, that's nice and clear for Santa!

Once the letters were ready we headed into Macy's to post them. I love that they have have a dedicated mail box for letters to Santa and especially love that there are two chutes: one up high for big kids like Ava and one down low for the littlest kids like Lola.

Ava and Lola prepare to post their letters
 After the letters to Santa were posted the girls checked out the view over Union Square from Macy's.

Ava and Lola look out over Union Square

Lola watches people ice skating

Union Square from the 7th floor of Macy's

The giant Christmas tree, people ice skating, and even the breakdancing Santas give such a festive feel to Union Square. There's something about Christmas in winter that just feels more festive; more magical. Even if it's not white. All of our Christmas traditions make so much more sense in cooler weather.
Plus American cities go all out when it comes to the holidays. Christmas meets you at every turn in San Francisco, but as all of the decorations only went up after Thanksgiving, it still feels fresh and new.

Could also be because it IS all fresh and new for us. Everything is still an adventure...

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