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Wednesday 28 December 2011

Christmas Cards Past & Present

I like sending Christmas cards.

I don't particularly care if I receive them in return - although it is nice - I just like creating them and sending them. Come to think of it, I like creating and sending cards in general!

Each year I try and come up with something interesting to feature on our Christmas cards. Of course since the kids have come along it's been a no brainer what to feature on the cards. The trick each year though is to come up with an interesting way to photograph the girls. Scratch that, the tricky part is trying to get the girls to sit still and smile while I take the photos. Extra tricky now there are two of them!

Some years I get one perfect photo that I use on all the cards. Other years I end up with a few that I can't decide between and I make an assortment of cards to go out. I usually print and assemble them all myself but this year without all of my craft materials (which unfortunately have not made it here with our shipment) I had to resort to using a photo card service.

I was reluctant at first as there are so many tacky options out there, but then I came across Paper Culture who make the most perfect flat cards on recycled, matte (no horrible shiny photos here), round cornered card stock. And unlike most card printing services, Paper Culture actually have real designers working for them. If your photo needs a bit of tweaking, they'll do it - included in the cost of the cards. If you don't like the colour of the text, they'll change it. If you've positioned a photo so that text (or a hole) goes over the face of your child, they'll let you know before printing - unlike some other services. I'm looking at you Snapfish!

So here is the final result of our Christmas card for 2011.

And here are some photos from our shoot that didn't quite make the cut - but are still very cute :)

Past Christmas cards coming up...

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