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Wednesday 16 January 2013

Half Moon Bay

On Sunday we headed down south for Ava's cheerleading competition. Seeing as she was finished around 11:00am and we had a Zipcar for the whole day we decided to head to the coast and play tourist for the afternoon. Our destination: the lovely beachside town of Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay

We'd driven through Half Moon Bay before and thought that it looked like a lovely place to visit but had never gotten around to spending any time there. Well, our first thoughts were right - it is a lovely place to visit!

After stopping for lunch we headed straight to the beach. The coastline at Half Moon Bay features picturesque cliffs with a pretty nice beach at the bottom. While it was too cold for swimming it was still nice to take a stroll on the beach, watch the waves and collect seashells.

Ava and Kim watching the waves

Ava is totally obsessed with the beach and it's one of the things that she really misses since we left Australia. Sure, we have plenty of water around us in the Bay Area but most of the beaches here aren't so great. Ava really enjoyed running around on the beach at Half Moon Bay and spent a long time time looking longingly at the waves. We'll have to make sure to go back in the warmer months - although due to all the warning signs about rips we'll be choosing a spot further down the coast for swimming!

Here's a look at our afternoon at the beach...

Our little cheerleader loves the beach

Ava had fun running along the weird formations next to the cliffs

A little balancing

Ava looks for a safe spot to climb down to the beach

The beach at Half Moon Bay

Collecting shells

Lola was asleep for much of our time at the beach but at least she was snuggly warm in her stroller.
Trust me, she is in there somewhere!

Lola woke up in time for a little walk on the beach but given her dislike
(or fear) of sand in her shoes she insisted on being carried 

Kim and Lola

Kim and Lola heading back up from the beach

I love how the three shots below (taken with my big zoom lens from atop the cliff) look as though a giant wave is about to crash over Kim and Ava!

Big waves?

Watching waves crash on the shore is so nice


On the way back to the car we passed a field with a llama in it.
The girls, and Bouncy (Ava's toy dog) stopped for a look.

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