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Monday 28 January 2013

Sparkly Crystal Pendants

Remember those Borax Crystal Snowflakes we made last week?

Well, while we were making them I started thinking about other ideas that the crystals could be used for as well as snow flake decorations. The girls loved how much the crystal sparkled so I thought they might like to have a little bit of sparkle to wear rather than just admire in a window.

Sparkly borax crystal pendant

So, once we were done with making the crystal snowflakes I recycled the borax mixture (it can be reheated and reused at least once), added a little colour and made a few pretty, sparkly things for the girls.

Pink heart

I bent pipe cleaners into various shapes, including hearts, stars and circles and got to work with the crystal process all over again. You can find the instructions in the original post here.

Star pendant

I used food colouring this time to add a little variety, but I must say that the results are very subtle. While the crystals seemed quite brightly coloured while wet, that same colour seemed to almost drain out as they dried. The results are still quite pretty, just not as vibrant as I had hoped. I found that the  darker the colour the better it seemed to "stick". For example, the star pendant above was originally a nice golden yellow, however it now appears white. The teal coloured circle held it's colour much better as did the pink coloured heart.

Teal circle
Sparkly little heart

You're a star!

Now that we've made our pretty pendants, my mind has gone into overdrive thinking about all the other pretty, sparkly things we could make with borax crystals - fairy wands, rings, beads, tiaras... Plus I think a batch of tiny crystal hearts may be in order for Valentine's Day which is just around the corner. 

Ah, so many ideas, so little time!


  1. Love it! You are so clever, Sally! I want to try. What is borax, and can you buy that here in Australia?

    1. I'm not 100% sure if Borax is available in Australia. If it is, it should be in the laundry aisle, probably with all of the environmentally friendly washing powders. I must admit that I don't remember seeing it, but then again I never had a need for it so I didn't ever look for it.
      I wish I could swap supermarket laundry aisles with you for one day - then you could definitely find borax and I could find washing powder that actually works! I miss my Omo and Napisan. The options here aren't so good and I've had many of the kids clothes ruined by things that just wouldn't stain at home - like avocado! A friend did bring some Napisan over for me recently so that should keep us stain free for a little while ;)

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