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Thursday 3 January 2013

Yo ho ho... We're hunting for treasure!

Ahoy there mateys! 

Today we be pirates searching for hidden treasure! We found a treasure map that lead us all around our courtyard to a treasure chest full of gold doubloons. Pirate booty for sure!

Yo ho ho, treasure hunting we will go!

Here's a look at our search for the pirate treasure...

We be pirates!

First we studied the map to find out where to go.

We found a treasure map!

Studying the treasure map 

We start over here...

...and find the treasure at the spot marked X

Once we knew which way to go we followed the map past the glowing rocks...

Past the glowing rocks

...by the bubbling fountain...

By the bubbling fountain

...and through the long grass... 

Through the long grass

...until we came across a key!

I wonder what this opens?

With the key in hand it was time to check the map again.

We need to get to there

Once we had our bearings we were off again.

This way!

Along the curved concrete...

Follow the curved concrete

This way

...jumping off the end in swashbuckling style!


We headed around the bend and there it was, hidden amongst the bamboo and ferns. A treasure chest!

We found the treasure!

Here it is!

Let's go get it

It's heavy - it must be full of gold!

We carried the treasure chest to a nearby bench to see what was inside.

We're going to be rich!

We tested the key we had found earlier...

Will it work?

...and it worked!

It worked!

There inside the treasure chest we found gold doubloons! Lots of them!

Gold doubloons

We're rich!

We also found a piece of priceless artwork.

Priceless artwork

Time to haul our loot back to our ship!

Heading back to the ship

We took turns carrying the treasure

Now to hide our treasure where no scurvy scoundrels will ever find it.

And beware - don't come looking for it or we'll make you walk the plank!

We'll make you walk the plank


  1. Shiver me timbers - What a couple cute pirates! Love the girls' dresses!

    1. We love dresses from San Francisco label Tea Collection. They have so many cute things that I could see your girls wearing - especially seeing as their last range (which these are from) was inspired by Scandinavian design :)

  2. How cute! I am saving to do with my Grandsons as my oldest loves to play pirate and is a great artist oh yea into maps as well. Off we go...

    1. I'm sure your grandsons will have lots of fun hunting for pirate treasure :)

    2. Last summer my daughter and I did a pirate treasure hunt with my two grandsons, 2 1/2 and 4 yrs. We made a map for each boy, dressed them like pirates with swords, and went on our treasure hunt around the front yard. X marked the spot in the dirt pile (where they can dig), they used little spades and dug up the treasure. It was a box with Jake and the Pirates little toys in it, and gold doubloons too! the boys loved it! so we did it over, and over, and over that day. They even got into the spirit and wanted to hide a treasure for us too! it was a great play day, and very memorable. They kept their maps, and still talk about playing pirates looking for the treasure boxes. Have done it inside the house as well, hid the treasure in a load of laundry!

  3. Isn't it funny how much kids love pirates? Pirates seem to be one of those things that both boys and girls love.
    I like the idea of actually burying the treasure chest and having the kids did it up. Unfortunately we don't have a garden of our own that I can dig up (we have a shared garden) so we had to miss this step. It was part of my original plan but I figured the building managers might not appreciate their landscaped gardens being dug up!
    A few years back my nephew had a pirate party for his birthday and the kids dug up a treasure in the sandpit. They had so much fun. You can see that pirate day here too: http://www.littlehiccups.net/2011/10/shiver-me-timbers-its-pirate-party.html

  4. Did you make the treasure chest? It is very cute.

    1. Thanks! I did make it with the help of my 6 year old daughter. We made it out of a flip top shoe box, some brown cardboard, gold washi tape, split pins and a few gold cardboard touches. Oh, and some purple fabric taped inside.
      I was going to do a step by step DIY but I got a little caught up making it and forgot to take photos ;)


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