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Monday 14 January 2013

You wish you were a Berkeley Star

While we're living in America I want Ava and Lola to try out things they wouldn't be able to do at home. So when the opportunity came up for Ava to take cheerleading classes after school we jumped at the chance. Bring it on!

Ava has been taking cheerleading classes since September and she loves it. She takes pride in the fact that she knows all her arm movements and has been working hard at perfecting her jumps. Admittedly, all of her various jumps end up looking pretty much the same but she's getting there. She's quite dedicated to getting everything perfect and practises her cheer so much at home that even Lola knows all of the words!

Our little cheerleader

Today all of Ava's hard work culminated in the Young Champions Cheerleading Competition held in Hayward, about half an hour south of Berkeley.
Ava with her friend Abby (and one very grizzly Lola!) before the competition

Dressed in their black, red and white uniforms with their hair in high ponytails and shiny pom poms in hand, Ava's team the "Berkeley Stars" competed against teams from the nearby towns of Vallejo and Livermore.  

The teams from Berkeley enter the gym

Here's Ava's cheer:

Berkeley Stars are ready for a win.
We are here to show just who's best.
As we move to the beat
You're all going to see
You wish you were a Berkeley Star. Ooh, ah!
You wish you were a Berkeley Star. Ooh, ah!
You wish you were a Berkeley Star. Ooh, ah!

"Berkeley Stars are ready for a win"

Ava's team performed their Berkeley Stars cheer and followed it up with a dance to "Hey Ya!" by Outkast.

We've got spirit

Shaking it like a polaroid picture


You can see Berkeley Stars in action here: http://vimeo.com/57354480

Ava's team came in second place behind the team from Vallejo. They received silver medals as well as participation trophies. Ava was pretty excited about winning a trophy AND a medal!

Lola loves copying Ava

Big (out of focus!) jump

As well as her trophy and medal, Ava also took home a certificate for graduating to the next level and a new pom pom to go with her new level. Each level has a new colour. Ava's new level (and pom pom) is teal.

Ava gets her certificate and new pom pom from her coach

In the teal level now

Our little cheerleader is off to a good start :)

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  1. Looks like loads of fun! Congratulations on your medal, Ava! Milla, Agnes and Elliot are really impressed with your moves! Maybe we can see you in action in the summer?!


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