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Sunday 28 July 2013

Drumheller Dinosaurs

The town of Drumheller in Alberta, Canada certainly does love its dinosaurs!

Well, it is located smack-dab in the middle of a dinosaur and fossil rich area after all.

Driving through Drumheller when we first arrived we noticed colourful dinosaurs dotted around the town's street corners. The girls were pretty taken by these so we decided to go on a little dinosaur hunt and see how many we could find.

I wonder who he's waiting for

Pink triceratops

Nice lipstick!

Lola seems a little puzzled as to why this one is wearing lipstick!

Our favourite

Going for a ride

Watch out! There's a dinosaur behind you!

The perfect size for a friendly t-rex

Big hugs

Big dinosaur smiles

Let's go for a ride

Just chilling with our friend the stegosaurus 

Stegosaurus street gang

Daddy's turn for a ride

Daisy dinosaur

Can I have one as a pet?

The dinosaurs you see above are just a very small selection of those on display in Drumheller. We had planned to go see a few more the following day before we left town, however the thunderstorm that struck made things just a little too wet.

And speaking of that thunderstorm... It put a dampener on our plans to visit one of Drumheller's biggest attractions too. And by big, I mean BIG. Drumheller is home to the World's Largest Dinosaur, a fantastically kitsch 86 foot tall steel t-rex! A staircase inside the dinosaur leads to a viewing platform inside its giant mouth! How fantastic is that? It reminds me of all the "big" things in Australia like the Big Lobster in South Australia and the Big Pineapple in Queensland. Unfortunately, the combination of it being made of steel, it being the tallest thing around and there being a thunderstorm made it a major lightening strike hazard so we weren't allowed to go inside. Oh well. I did manage to get a few shots of Lola with it though.

There's a t-rex on the loose!!

That's a big foot

Lola doesn't think it's so scary

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