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Monday 15 July 2013

Summer Bonfire Party

Last night we went to a Summer Bonfire Party hosted by my friend Hanna. Hanna always puts on the best parties. You may remember the fantastic Easter Party that she held back in March. You can see it here.

Last night's Bonfire Party was no exception and we all had a great time.

We toasted marshmallows over the fire, we made s'mores, we had a BBQ, we cooked sausages over the fire, the kids had fun playing together and the adults had a great time catching up with friends. A perfect Summer evening.

Pretty party lights

Ava was a little obsessed with cooking things over the fire pit. She started off cooking a sausage on a stick (pre-cooked so there was no chance of her eating it undercooked!) and then she was hooked. Lola being the little sweet tooth was more interested in toasting marshmallows over the fire, something which Ava was more than happy to join in with after her sausage was done.

Ava cooks her sausage over the fire pit

Little Eskimo Lola toasts marshmallows while Ava cooks her sausage

Ava was pretty proud of her cooking

Cooked to perfection!

Add a little sauce and it's done

What else can we toast? Maybe a strawberry

Uh oh... I think the strawberry is on fire!

S'mores were the biggest hit of all the fire toasted foods. Sure, they make a big mess (Lola's hair was full of sticky marshmallow) but boy, do they taste good!

Mmm... s'mores

All the kids loved s'mores

The big kids had fun mixing up a marshmallow, candy and ice concoction, which they then attempted to "sell" to everyone else. Hmm... squishy wet marshmallows.

The big kids mixed up marshmallows with ice - and then attempted to "sell" them to everyone!

Would you like to buy a cup of candy and ice?

How about you buy a strawberry instead?

Our tent (which has just sat in a garage or closet for the last 12 years!) was set up by the fire so the kids could pretend that they were camping. This proved to be a big hit and as the night wore on the kids pretended that they were camping in the woods and hiding in their tent from "mountain bears"! Watch out for those mountain bears!

Just like camping!

We had a great time and now we're eager to take the girls camping. Any excuse to make more s'mores!

Thanks for another great party Hanna!

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