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Thursday 4 July 2013

Hand Print Flags for 4th of July

Another 4th of July craft today...

Back in November the girls and I made hand print turkeys and we've been eager to make something similar ever since. Searching through Pinterest for 4th of July craft ideas I came across just the thing: hand print American flags!

Ava's hand print flag

Hand print flags

These flags were really simple and lots of fun to make. Anything that involves covering your hands with paint is always fun!

We started by painting the girls' right hands red and blue. Red fingers and half of the palm, blue thumb and the other half of the palm.

High five

With their right hands painted we stamped them down on a sheet of white card. I made sure to space the fingers apart to create white stripes in between. The thumb however, we kept in close to form part of the star section of the flag.

Ava makes her hand print

We then left the hand prints to dry. As I had applied the paint quite thickly we left them to dry overnight.

Starting to look like the American flag

The next morning, once the hand prints were dry, the girls set about adding the stars. They did this by dabbing on white paint with a cotton bud. 

Ava carefully adds stars

Dab, dab, dab...

Adding stars

Lola got bored of dabbing on paint and decided to play under the table with the cotton swabs!

We decided that we'd like some of our flags to feature sparkly stars. With the white paint still wet the girls sprinkled glitter over the top. I tipped the excess off and we were left with sparkly little stars!

Ava adds glitter


Tipping off the excess glitter

One sparkly little flag

Now our little flag hand prints actually looked like flags!

Happy with their flags

Lola's little print

Ava's sparkly flag

Once the white paint stars had dried I cut the flags out and taped them onto dowel sticks. I covered the dowel sticks with washi tape and pinned a bead to the top to make them look a little nicer.

Lola's sparkly hand print flag

Ava's sparkly flag

And there we have it... hand print flags for 4th of July!

Waving their flags

Smile & wave!

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