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Tuesday 9 July 2013

Little Squirrel Friends

One of the things that we like about living in Berkeley is the abundance of wildlife that surrounds us. Unlike at home in Australia where the wildlife that surrounded our home was all of the insect and spider variety, the wildlife we come across on a regular basis here is much cuter and friendlier. 

I'm talking about squirrels. Cute and fluffy little squirrels!

So cute and fluffy

I'm sure that to most people who grew up in the northern hemisphere squirrels are something of pest, however to us they're still a novelty. We're just not used to seeing wild animals in an urban environment and we still stop to watch squirrels even though we see them almost daily.

One place where we're always guaranteed to find lots of friendly squirrels here in Berkeley is along Strawberry Creek in Eucalyptus Grove/Grinnell Natural Area at the university campus. The squirrels here are quite friendly and not at all afraid of people due to the large number of students and locals that walk through this area. 

The girls love seeing the squirrels when we walk through the university campus and they hold out sticks and leaves in an attempt to get the inquisitive little guys closer. The squirrels usually work out pretty quickly that the girls aren't actually holding food!

Last week we thought we change this and actually take some food with us for the squirrels. We picked up a bag of unsalted peanuts in their shells and headed up hill to the campus.

Within no time we found ourselves surrounded by hungry little squirrels, all eager to eat our peanuts.

Surrounded by squirrels

Some of the squirrels were a little braver than others and would come right up to us to take peanuts out of our hands. 

Ava feeds a squirrel

Standing up for peanuts

Lola feeds a squirrel

Some even came close enough to find out if my toes were peanuts too!

They're not peanuts - they're my toes!

Other squirrels preferred to stay in the safety of the trees while they took peanuts out of our hands.

Come down little squirrel 

Half way down the tree - a happy medium for everyone 

A little unsure...

Ready to take the peanut out of my hand

He's got it!

Safe back up in the tree

Lola wasn't quite as successful at feeding the squirrels as Ava and I. She didn't quite understand that the squirrels were scared of her when she ran towards them! She did manage to feed a few, although she wasn't convinced that they could open the peanut shells on their own. She decided to help them out by shelling most of her peanuts for them!

Keeping an eye on each other

Lola shells peanuts for the squirrels

Here squirrel, squirrel...

Lola looks for squirrels not realising there's one right behind her!

After feeding the squirrels it was time to feed ourselves. We headed down to Oxford Street and one of our favourite places to eat in Berkeley, Cinnaholic. Mmm.. freshly baked vegan cinnamon rolls. So good.

We love cinnamon rolls

Old Skool roll for Lola

Lemon and raspberry for Ava

Another fun day of Summer vacation!


  1. Oooooo' how cute!!!! And cinnamon rolls......gosh, I miss cinnamon:)

    1. Cinnamon is much more popular here than in Australia.
      I like to think of it as the number 2 flavour in America - with peanut butter being number 1!


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