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Saturday 14 September 2013

Cooking with Kids: Hand Drawn Cookies

Today Ava and Lola celebrated their friend Solly's 3rd birthday with a party in a nearby park.

The girls wanted to give Solly something special that they had made themselves so we decided to bake some cookies. To make the cookies special the girls personalised them with drawings.

Here's a look at the hand drawn cookies we made and how you can make them yourself too...

Happy birthday cookies

What you'll need:
Cookies (we made sugar cookies using a packet mix)
Roll out fondant icing
Corn starch (corn flour) or potato flour
Food decorating markers
Jam or butter cream frosting
Cookie cutter
Rolling pin
Parchment paper

What you'll need - plus cookies!

First up, you'll need to bake your cookies - or purchase them ready made if you prefer. Once your cookies are done you can select the correct size cookie cutter to use for the fondant discs to go on top. We made our fondant discs with a 68mm cookie cutter.

Freshly baked sugar cookies

Now onto the fun part... the decorating!

Start by covering your work surface with corn starch or potato flour. This will prevent the fondant icing from sticking to the work surface. Roll a ball of fondant in your hands and place it in the centre of the floured area.

Ready to squish

Roll out the fondant to a thickness of about 3mm or 4mm.

Rolling out the fondant

I then used a fondant smoother to smooth out the fondant. You can skip this step if you don't have one.

Making it nice and smooth

Once you're happy with the thickness of the fondant it's time to start cutting out discs.

Cutting out the fondant discs

And now to decorate the fondant discs...

I placed a piece of baking paper in front of the girls to work on. This prevented the fondant from sticking to the table. Plus it prevented Lola from accidentally drawing on the table!

Ava and Lola drew on the fondant discs with food decorating markers. You may remember that we used these back in February for Ava's birthday cake. You can see it here.

Ava drew pictures of herself, Lola and Solly first up while Lola decorated her fondant discs with colourful lines.

Starting with curly hair for Solly

Adding some eyes

Rainbow scribbles

A big smile for Ava

A nose for Lola

More rainbow squiggles

Ava then drew some birthday themed pictures on the rest of her fondant discs.

Drawing a birthday cake

3 candles for the 3 year old

Love hearts are always needed

Lots of birthday pictures

The ink from the food decorating markers goes on a little wet. It doesn't take too long to dry, but you'll need to be careful not to smudge it as you go or accidentally blend the colours.

Once the ink is all dry and your cookies have completely cooled it's time to apply the fondant discs to the cookies. I used jam to apply the fondant discs to the cookies but you could also use butter cream frosting. I used jam as it wouldn't need refrigerating like the frosting. Plus it tastes good!

Spread the jam thinly onto the back of the fondant disc then place it onto the cookie, jam side down, gently pushing it on.

Spread jam on the back of the fondant to attach it to the cookie

And you're done!

Birthday cookies

Too cute to eat!

Happy birthday Solly

Now all that's left to do is enjoy your delicious cookies with a friend.


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  1. Such a good idea! I have been looking to use the texters after the rainbow cake, but not found any other use for them - know I know what to make!
    (ps. commenting via bloglovvin makes me anonymous for some reason:-)


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