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Friday 13 September 2013

My Littlest Ballerina

Another day, another first...

In stark contrast to Sunday's skateboarding, on Monday Lola took her first ballet class.

And did she love it? Absolutely.

Dressed in her leotard, skirt and ballet slippers she pranced around the studio on tippy toes, arms in the air, spinning here and there.

When it came time to follow instruction from her teacher she was super serious and concentrated very hard. Ava has always been the same too. Ballet, ice skating, cheerleading... what ever she's doing there's always a serious look on her face that tells me she's concentrating as hard as she can on getting it right. Lola had the same serious face throughout the whole class but I knew she was having a ball.

Here's my littlest ballerina enjoying her first class...

Little dancer

High kick

Toe tapping

Ready to spin

Time to start the class with a few stretches

Arms and legs out wide


Time for plies

Touching toes

Reach up high

I love the kids attempting to stretch their legs up straight!

Marching like soldiers 

Busy watching herself in the mirror!

Little jumps

Up high

Very carefully copying the teacher

Arms out wide

Holding hands with her friend Sky

Waiting for the music

Free time ribbon dance

Free time ribbon dance

Lola ballerina

Lining up for stickers at the end

Now that Lola is a ballerina she has been wanting to wear "twirly" dresses everyday and dances to every little piece of music she hears. And that includes opening credits to tv shows, ads on tv and games on the iPad!

My little ballerina definitely loves to dance!

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  1. So cute! My girl, Violet, will be 2 in Dec and I want to get her in classes.


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