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Monday 2 September 2013

Happy (Australian) Father's Day 2013

Yesterday was Father's Day number two for the year, otherwise known as Australian Father's Day. Lucky Kim gets to celebrate Father's Day twice each year (American Father's Day was back in June), while I get just one Mother's Day.

We had organised to spend the day at Lego KidsFest in San Jose so I figured that a Lego themed card would be just the thing for this Father's Day. I played around with a few different ideas (trying to write out different messages in Lego) but kept coming back to the simplicity of a Lego heart. Much easier to make than a Lego message and it ties in nicely with this year's Mother's Day cards, which you can see here.

Here's a look at our Lego inspired cards plus a few shots from our photo shoot. I really wanted to take photos up on our roof but as always the wind came out as soon as the camera did so Ava has some interesting looking hair! 

Don't "Lego" my heart!

A little windy and sunny up on the roof

That wind just didn't want to leave Ava's hair alone!

Always a silly shot or two

Giving Daddy his card and present on Father's Day

Happy belated Father's Day!


  1. Naaaww, that's not fair! Only one mother's day and two father's days?! The love-heart lego is seriously cute and such a good idea! Will steal that activity!

    1. It's not fair is it?! When is Norwegian Mother's Day? If it's not the same as Australian Mother's Day you can celebrate it twice!

    2. No, both mother's and father's day are different to Australia, but I never remember because we're not reminded by tv or radio or papers. Every year it is a last minute scramble to organize flowers for my mum...


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