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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Lola's First Day of Preschool

Today my baby is a big girl. A big preschool girl.

Lola's first day at preschool started out promising this morning. 

She was super excited about going to preschool and couldn't wait to get her backpack on her back and head off. In fact, she told me that when I'm big enough I can get a backpack and go to preschool too!

She was excited the whole way to preschool on the bus...

Waiting for the bus

Riding at the back

Looking out the back


She was even more excited when we arrived at preschool...

Hooray for preschool!

Big cheesy smiles

Eager to get inside instead of posing for photos!

Climbing the stairs to the front door

Once inside she was excited to meet her teachers and classmates. She was excited when she found a cubby with her name on it to put her lunch box in. And she was even more excited when she discovered all of the fun toys, games, costumes, arts and books at her disposal.   

A little reading in the reading loft

Playing tea party

Lola was excited about about every aspect of the day right up until the point when I had to leave. Then she wasn't so excited. No, she was not excited at all. There were quite a few tears but after reading a few books and playing dress ups a little she was back to being excited and said that she was ready for me to leave.

So I left.

And of course, as soon as I got home the phone rang. Sure enough, Lola was crying and was completely inconsolable. All she wanted was her Mummy. And just like that my big girl was right back to being my baby.

I knew that there would be tears on the first day. In fact, I expect tears for at least the first few weeks. This is the first time since she was a baby that she has been away from me for any length of time. For now Lola will be going to preschool just two days a week until she settles in. She has a day off tomorrow to recover from today's "first day of preschool ordeal" and then she'll be back to being a big girl on Thursday. She's excited about going back on Thursday, she just wants her Mummy to stay with her.

I'm sure that in no time Lola will settle in well and will enjoy being a big preschool girl.

And I will enjoy having a few hours a week to myself. That is of course, until I'm big enough to get my own backpack and go to preschool too!


  1. Oh my god, she is just too cute!!! I can't believe she is in preschool already! But I bet you will enjoy some time to yourself when she settles in. Hopefully she will get used to the new routine soon and see that you will come back for her for sure. I guess she has never been left 'on her own' before as she has not been in childcare. She'll get the hang of it soon enough:)

    1. Lola has really settled into pre-school now and absolutely loves it. She hasn't cried at all the last three times she's been. Certainly makes things much easier for everyone!


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