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Thursday 31 July 2014

Berkeley Kite Festival 2014

Day two of our super busy festival filled weekend was spent at the Berkeley Kite Festival in Cesar Chavez Park, down on the waterfront.

It was definitely kite flying weather. Actually, by the end of the day it was almost getting too windy to fly a kite! I'm always amazed at how it can be so incredibly windy at Cesar Chavez Park when it's perfectly still in the rest of Berkeley. I guess that spot's just made for kite flying!

We took our little spinner kite with us although it proved a little tricky for the girls to control in the strong wind. Plus being quite small, it was also not the easiest for the girls to spot in the sky among all those other kites. After flying it for a while we decided to get the girls a larger kite each from the Highline Kites stall.

Ava chose an octopus kite and Lola chose a wiggly bug. The wiggly bug kite was hilarious to watch. Its little legs wiggled in the wind and it looked like it was constantly battling to walk through the sky! Both of these kites had long tails (or tentacles) on them so they were much easier for the girls to spot in the kite filled sky.

The highlight of the kite festival was, of course, the giant octopus kites. Apparently they are the largest octopus kites in the world. Just a little bigger than the one that Ava was flying!

The girls liked pretending that the giant octopuses were trying to get them! Ava doesn't look quite as scared as Lola does though.

We had a nice time at the kite festival, however the girls were over the strong wind after not too long so we didn't stay as long as we had planned. The festival featured all of the regular festival activities (bouncy castles, pony rides, petting zoo etc) plus kite making, kite demonstrations and a competition however we didn't take part in any of that this year.

We'll definitely be back at Cesar Chavez Park some time soon to fly our new kites. Fingers crossed it won't be quite so windy!

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  1. Love the heartshaped sunnies. I have a couple of pairs for myself.


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