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Friday 25 July 2014

Three Months Old


My name is Mathilde. 

I am three months old and I think my hands are pretty tasty.

Those hands of mine spend a lot of time in my mouth. They help me to dribble all over Mummy more effectively. Oh, I do love to dribble all over Mummy! I'm bit of a puke monster too. Oops!

I am learning to make lots of new noises and I'm getting very loud - I definitely inherited my Daddy's vocal chords! I love to make lots of happy "oohing" and "aahing" sounds. The happier I am the louder I get. My arms and legs like to join in too with lots of happy kicks and waves.

Every day I am getting bigger, stronger and smarter. I'm learning to do so many new things. I love trying to stand up with Mummy's help. Sitting is pretty good too but standing is definitely my favourite. I like tummy time but sometimes it gets too tiring for me - that big head of mine is heavy and takes a lot of effort to keep it up! I've recently learnt how to roll from my tummy to my back so when tummy time gets too hard I can just roll over. It does take a few attempts though.

Bath time is one of my favourite times of day. I love being in the water but the best bit is when I get to lay on my towel being a nudie afterwards. I'd be happy to go without clothes all day but Mummy doesn't trust me. She says I need to wear a diaper!

Watching cars out of the window is still one of my favourite things. I like to see them go zooming by especially if it's a firetruck with all those flashing lights. I love flashing lights! I also really like to watch the bunny mobile above my change table and I love looking at trees in the park.

I love my big sisters so very much. They are very good at keeping me entertained during tummy time, they give me lots of cuddles and Ava reads me stories.

Lola always insists on getting in the photo with me. She calls it doing a "photo-bum"! Doesn't she know that this is MY photoshoot?

Love Mathilde xx


  1. She's darling. She looks so much like her dad.
    I saw your family at Pedalfest! I was with my little girl at the fountain and they rode. by.

    1. Thanks :) Everyone tells me that all three of my girls look like my husband!
      Just posted about Pedalfest - maybe you're in some of the photos :)


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