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Wednesday 27 August 2014

First Day of Second Grade

The long Summer vacation is finally over and as of today Ava is back at school as a second grader.

How did my little girl get so big? A second grader isn't new at school anymore. A second grader is a pro at school with years of experience behind her. I swear my second grader seemed so much taller and more grown up this morning as we left for school. I'm sure it's all in my mind - or it could be the new dress she was wearing!

Ava was pretty eager to get to school and skipped most of the way there. She couldn't wait to see her friends and find out who her new teacher would be.

Ava seemed a little nervous waiting for her class to go in but she was happy to discover that she has lots of friends from kindergarten and first grade in her class again this year. Familiar faces make the transition to a new year so much easier.

After school Ava was all smiles. She is happy with her new class and teacher, and loves the fact that her new classroom is upstairs.

The first day of school calls for special treats so we headed to the nearby bakery for something yummy. Ava ate a chocolate eclair and made a nice big second grade mess!

Here's to another successful year at school...


  1. Beautiful Ava! Congratulations on being a 2nd grader! Love the freckles on her nose and the pic in front of the ultra American yellow school bus:D Big hugs!

    1. Thanks Nina :)
      I always make Ava pose in front of the school bus even though she doesn't catch it! It definitely makes the photo seem more American.
      Those freckles stand out even more now that she's growing out her fringe. It has covered her forehead for the last three and a half years so there are no freckles on it. Her nose seems extra freckly compared to her freckles-less forehead!

    2. Oh, and Lola and Mathilde have that dress too ;) I couldn't help myself. Mathilde won't be wearing hers for about a year though.


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