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Wednesday 13 August 2014

Lemonade & Cookies

 Yesterday the girls ticked another American childhood Summer must-do of their list.

They held a lemonade (and cookie) stand with friends!

Oh what a cute stand it was!

Who could resist buying lemonade and choc chip cookies from these little entrepreneurs?

Ava made the cutest hand lettered water-colour signage to promote their stand. One sign for the lemonade and another for the cookies.

We set the stand up in a local playground where we knew there would be lots of hungry and thirsty customers. It didn't take long before the customers started pouring in. Oh look... here they come!

It was a little windy and the signs kept falling down from the stand - oops! Undeterred, the kids used this to their advantage and took it in turns walking around the park with the signs up to drum up business.

The kids worked really well together and had such a great time. Ava was a good helper to the younger kids and supervised as they poured the lemonade and handed out cookies. It was a great lesson in teamwork.

The lemonade stand was a great math lesson too with the kids having to work out totals and change. Three cookies and three lemonades. That'll be $2.25 please. Here's your change.

After a few hours at the playground the lemonade and cookies were pretty much all gone.

But the cash register was full!

The kids had so much fun with their lemonade stand. And I was surprised at how much money they made!

Ava and Lola can't wait to have a lemonade stand again. Next time Lola wants to sell gummy bears too.

Now to work out how to make gummy bears...


  1. So, so cute! Looks like they made some serious money.

    1. Thanks Leslie! The kids did pretty well out of it.

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  3. Oh my goodness! The little cash register! Who could say 'no' to those little darlings ?!?

  4. This must be the cutest lemonade stand e-v-e-r!!! I love it x

  5. Is that totland? That is such a great toddler park.


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