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Tuesday 5 August 2014

Lola's New Do

For months now Lola has been asking to get her hair cut short. I'd been hesitant to go ahead with cutting her long hair off as I worried that she'd be upset about it afterwards - and maybe I would be too. But after months of Lola asking I knew that this wasn't just a one off whim; she really wanted short hair.

So last Friday we headed to the hairdresser and in one swift move of the scissors all that long hair was gone! 

And Lola couldn't be happier!

She is so excited about her new haircut and I'm left wishing we'd done it ages ago. Her long hair was cute but it was a nightmare to brush and keep tidy. Having only ever had one other successful haircut (back in June) most of Lola's hair was still her original baby hair. It's so incredibly fine, especially at the ends, and there was a lot of damaged hair that really needed to be cut off. See the layers around Lola's face in the before photo? Her hair wasn't cut that way. There was so much damage to her baby fine hair that it broke off!

I had been worried that Lola's fine hair would just hang in a floppy mess much like mine does when cut into a bob, but the new cut has given her hair more body. While you can't tell from these photos, Lola's hair has a slight natural wave to it. Now that her hair is so much shorter her hair has become a little wavier and looks so much thicker (although it has been blow dried straight in these photos).

Lola was pretty excited to see just how much hair had been cut off. Her hair had been tied into a ponytail before being cut so she could keep it. She is now the proud owner of an almost 20cm long detached ponytail! That's a lot of hair.

Lola couldn't stop dancing around in excitement after her hair cut.

As I mentioned before, I really with we'd cut Lola's hair short earlier. She loves her new haircut, it doesn't get tangled like it used to and she looks so much more grown up. It looks pretty cute too!

Now to convince Ava that we need to do something to her hair...


P.S. I'm a little behind with posts from the last month or two so you'll be seeing that long hair for a while yet!


  1. Where did you get her haircut? Would you recommend it as a kid friendly place?

    1. The girls and I all go to Kellie at Chop Salon in Berkeley. It's not a kids' salon but they have booster cushions for the kids and Kellie always does a good job with their hair. I think my girls like to feel special going to a grown ups' salon!


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