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Tuesday 15 September 2015

52 Weeks: Week 36

Week 36: Baseball, Green Day & Fireworks

I'm a little behind with my 52 Week Project posts so this fun evening from week 36 already feels a world away.

Over the recent long weekend we attended an Oakland A's baseball game. We try and make it to one or two baseball games a year as it's always a fun day out. It's especially fun when it's a firework game; a game with a fireworks display after the final innings. This particular firework game caught my eye when I saw it advertised thanks to two little words: Green Day. Bay Area locals Green Day were being honored at the game after their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year. The trio were presented with A's shirts before the game, Billie Joe Armstrong threw the first ball, and an amazing fireworks show set to Green Day music provided much entertainment after the game.

Having been a Green Day fan for such a long time I knew we couldn't miss this fun opportunity. Finding half price tickets just made it even sweeter. Seriously, we got nine dollar tickets! Nine dollars! Admittedly, I should've chosen seats on the opposite side of the stadium as we were in full sun for the start of the game and we were looking at the back of Green Day. Next time I'll know!

The kids enjoy being at the baseball but it can get a little boring for them. So once they started to get a little fidgety in their seats I took them for a walk to the Stomper Zone where there was fun stuff set up for kids. The played in a little playground, climbed on coin operated rides (I forgot to take my purse so there was no actually riding), ran around and got temporary tattoos.

 We walked back to our seats as the sun was setting spectacularly behind the stadium.

It had been a pretty hot day, so even after the sun set it was still quite warm in the stadium. Ava and Lola were happy to sit down with Kim to watch the rest of the game but Mathilde wasn't so keen to stay still. She spent much of the game walking up and down the stairs near our seats.

Shortly before the game finished we had to leave our seats and go line up to get onto the  grass to watch the fireworks. The area that we were sitting in was actually in the firework fallout zone so everyone was cleared out of the area just to be safe. We lined up for about twenty minutes waiting for the game to end and then we were let onto the grass. The kids were keen to run around but it was pretty crowded down there so instead we just staked out a good spot and prepared for the fireworks show.

The fireworks were amazing. Ava was happy to lie back and watch the fireworks but Lola couldn't keep still. She jumped around and danced to the Green Day songs like crazy. Mathilde was obviously a little scared at first as she screamed for the first few minutes. I guess fireworks can be scary when you're little.

Here's a look at the fireworks show.

Hooray for Green Day, fireworks and the Oakland A's!

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  1. Cool! I love green day. We live over the hill from there and can offer hear and see the fireworks.


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