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Tuesday 22 September 2015

52 Weeks: Week 37

Week 37: Cedar Rose Park

This past weekend the girls and I took a walk to our local REI store to purchase a new tent to camp out in at the upcoming Hoesdown Festival at Fully Belly Farm.

Our walk home was quite long and the girls were in need of a break so we stopped to play at Cedar Rose Park; a park that we often pass through while bike riding, but never stop at to play.

Cedar Rose Park is located between Cedar and Rose Streets in North Berkeley. The park is a popular spot for parties and picnics due to the large grassy area. There are two playgrounds (one for big kids and a fenced in area for little kids) making it a great spot for kids of all ages. The Ohlone Greenway goes through Cedar Rose Park so it's an easy spot to access by bike too. It's also a popular spot for dog walkers - despite not actually being an off-leash area.

The girls always love discovering a new-to-us playground. I had taken Lola there to play quite some time ago but Ava and Mathilde had never been. It seems crazy that we never stop at this park as it's such a great spot, but we're usually only ever going past on our way to the dentist - and we're almost always in a hurry!

Here's a look at our fun stop at Cedar Rose Park...

Another week, another playground!

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