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Saturday 12 September 2015

Nestlé Crunch Mocha Frappe + A Give Away

Now that my two big kids are at school all day it's just Mathilde and I at home.

For the most part, I'm just as busy as I was with two, or even three kids at home. Being a toddler, Mathilde is definitely the most demanding of my time out of the three kids. Ava and Lola are old enough to keep themselves occupied without getting into trouble - most of the time! But not Mathilde. She's a little trouble maker, this one! If she's not drawing on furniture with markers, or pouring soil from a potted plant on the carpet, or spreading yogurt all over the couch, then she's climbing on top of me to nurse constantly, or bashing at the keyboard while I try to work, or spreading dirty clothes from the laundry hamper everywhere - while getting frustrated as she tries to dress herself in them. Being at home with just one of my kids isn't necessarily as quiet as I imagined that it would be. 

All that said, being a toddler, Mathilde still takes a pretty long nap each day. And what a glorious thing that is! Just one kid at home and she's sleeping. For a whole hour. Sometimes even two! 

Like most busy Mums I usually make the most of nap time by catching up on house work. Or I get a little work done on the blog. But every now and then I take this time just for myself. It's not something I get to do often, but having an hour just to myself, to sit down with a coffee and a book - or even a little trash tv - is like a little piece of heaven. Of course, a little piece of heaven isn't complete without a little piece of chocolate. Ok, maybe a big piece of chocolate!

It's been pretty hot here over the past few weeks so I've been mixing up my coffee break routine with an icy cold coffee rather than my regular latte. To make my coffee break even sweeter I've been adding one of my favorite chocolate bars, Nestlé® Crunch®, into the mix - literally! I call this my Nestlé® Crunch® Mocha Frappe. It's cold, it's frothy, it's chocolatey, it has teeny, tiny crunchy pieces, and it's got that all important shot of coffee to get me through the rest of the day.

Sound's good, right? And it looks good too. Just look at that frothy, chocolately goodness!

Ok, so now you're probably feeling like drinking one of these bad boys. I know I am. Here's how you make it...

What you'll need:
1 x Nestlé® Crunch® single bar
A shot or two of espresso
3/4 Cup of Milk
1 Cup of ice

Break off two pieces of Nestlé® Crunch® and chop into small crumbly pieces. Place chopped up Crunch® into a heatproof glass or mug.

Pour a shot or two of espresso directly over the chopped up Crunch®. I use a double shot but the amount can be varied based on how strong you like your coffee. Give the coffee and Crunch® mix a little stir to help melt the chocolate.

Place the ice cubes into a blender jug or cup and add the milk. You can vary the amount of each ingredient depending on how icy you'd like the drink and the size of the glass you plan to drink it out of.

Give the coffee and Crunch® mix a little stir to make sure that the chocolate has melted then pour it into the blender jug. Make sure to scrape in any extra bit of chocolate that might have stayed behind in the glass. We don't want to miss any chocolate now, do we?

Seal the blender jug or cup and blend until smooth. Make sure you use a setting suitable for ice.

Once you're happy with the consistency, pour the Nestlé® Crunch® Mocha Frappe into a glass. Add a straw and the two remaining pieces of Nestlé® Crunch® on the side and enjoy!

  • Make sure you melt the Nestlé® Crunch® in the shot of coffee before adding it to the cold ingredients. The chocolate needs to be melted to mix in with the other ingredients effectively.
  • For a more decadent drink, top with whipped cream - and maybe even a little sprinkle of crushed Nestlé® Crunch®.

Thanks to Nestlé® Crunch® for making my day a little sweeter.

Want to make your day a little sweeter too? This delicious frappe will definitely help, but how about winning $20 thanks to Nestlé® Crunch®? Just follow the steps below to enter. Good luck!

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  1. I add a little fun to my day with flavored coffees and chocolate muffins #LifeHacktoBoredom.

  2. I add a little fun by eating chocolate

  3. I like to take some time to read a book

  4. Oh we do the hotdog Mickey Mouse dance every night before bed! haha...always makes us laugh!

  5. I add a little fun to my day with some flavored popcorn.



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