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Monday 28 September 2015

Super Blood Moon

As I'm sure you're all aware, tonight's moon was pretty damn special.

Tonight we experienced a Super Blood Moon; the result of a full lunar eclipse coinciding with a super moon (the moon being at its closest orbit to earth). Separately, these two events are not uncommon, but to have them happen at the same time is quite rare. The last Super Blood Moon was back in 1982. The next one won't be until 2033.

We were lucky to have a pretty clear night here in Berkeley. There was low lying cloud over the hills and I was a little worried that it would block our view, but once the moon rose above the cloud we were in for a spectacular sight. We watched the red moon rise over Downtown Berkeley and the UC Berkeley campus with the iconic Campanille tower lit up in the foreground.

The moon was such an amazing red color. The girls were in awe of it as much as Kim and I were. We stayed up on our roof top for probably half an hour and watched as the sun slowly started to shine on the bottom half of the moon, taking the blood red coloring away. 

The best thing about tonight's Super Blood Moon is that it was visible at a decent time! We were treated to this spectacle before the girls' bedtime which was great. No having to set alarms to get up early like last time there was a (regular) blood moon back in April.

Nature really has been treating us to some spectacular views in the sky lately. Make sure to check out my Instagram feed (and follow!) to see some of the amazing sunsets we've had lately too.

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  1. Wow these shots are amazing! So much better than I got on my deck in West Berkeley! :)


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