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Wednesday 28 April 2021

Mathilde's 7th Birthday

My baby is seven! 

This past Saturday was Mathilde's seventh birthday. We celebrated with a small party on Sunday with just our family and our neighbor. I had originally planned to hold the party on Mathilde's actual birthday but Ava came down with covid-like symptoms and we had to wait for her test results - which oddly came through at 11pm Friday. I guess those covid testers are working around the clock! Anyway, by then I had figured we wouldn't know Ava's test results until Saturday and pushed the party out to Sunday. It gave me an extra day to get everything ready, so that was a bonus.

Despite her party being small, Mathilde was still keen to pick a theme for her celebration. She went through quite a few (Minecraft, Slime Rancher, Among Us, bread (?)...) before she settled on bees as her theme. To go along with the theme I made a beehive piñata, honey crackles as treats, and decorated her cake (badly!) with a honeycomb pattern.  

The kids played pass the parcel and bocce before it was time to smash open the piñata. As always, I made the piñata super strong and the weak point was the string. I really need to invest in some stronger string for piñatas! After quite a few hits each the piñata fell to the ground. I tied it back up a few times, but eventually the kids decided that they wanted to whack it with the stick on the ground.  

As usual, once the piñata had smashed open and the kids had collected the candy, the piñata remains were worn as a hat! I have so many silly pictures like this from over the years. I think I need to put them all in one post for fun!

Then it was time for cake! The cake may have looked like an absolute mess to me (and I'm sure to anyone seeing these pics!), but the kids were impressed. They don't care how it looks, right? They just want to eat it!

It was a pretty small party, but Mathilde had a blast and she was so excited to share her special day with her sister and friend. Ava was there too but she didn't want to be in any pics. 

Another pandemic birthday for the books!

Stay tuned because I've got a recipe for the honey crackles and a piñata DIY coming up!

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